19 augustus 2019

Payment procedure

First open the link that we have sent to you for your payment

You should see a screen like the following:

Wachtwoord means password, enter the password you have been given and push Enter, then you should see the following:

Winkelmand means shopping cart. Push the button In Winkelmand, and see the next screen:

Now push Winkelmand bekijken, which means See shopping cart:

Aantal means amount, this should remain 1. Mind you, the price includes shipping, which will be different for twice the amount of books you first ordered.

Afhalen bij de VSSD should be/remain checked, although it does mean that you pick the books up at our shop, in this case it really means there will not be additional costs for shipping, because these costs are already included in the price.

Now press Doorgaan naar afrekenen which means proceed to checkout

On this form you are supposed to enter your name, address, email etc. The problem with this form is that postcode is checked on the format used in the Netherlands. So the best is to enter 2628CA which is the postal code of the VSSD. The rest is not really very important. Instelling means institute (university, polytechnic, college) and studierichting means course, neither of which is important for this procedure.

Important is that Afhalen bij de VSSD remains checked. If you scroll down you see

Ik heb de algemene voorwaarden … means I have read the general conditions. You have to check this box. And for the credit card payment you choose Visa, Mastercard or Maestro

In this example Visa is checked. Proceed by pushing Bestelling plaatsen which means place order.

This screen is from the payment services website. Kaartnummer means card number, Vervaldatum is expiration date and Verificatiecode is Card Verification Value. Finally Bevestigen means Confirm