3e onderwijsperiode 18-19

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EE1C31RegtienElectronic Instrumentationvssd-uitgave
EE1D11Brown Fund. Of Dig.Logic with VHDL
EE1D11AshendenStudents guide to VHDL
EE1D11Kelley/PohlA Book on C
EE1M31Dekking A modern Introduction to Probability and Statistics
EE1M31LayLinear Algebra
EE1P11/1P21WolfsonEss.Un. Physics TU-TNWpack
BoyceDifferential Equations
EE2E21SchavemakerElectrical Power System Essentials
Franklin Feedback Control
ET3026WBWildiElectrical Machines, Drives and Power Systems
WI4205KanNumerical Methods in Scientific Computingvssd-uitgave

Alle andere boeken zijn te bestellen – All other books can be ordered.

Deze tabel is met zorg samengesteld met de gegevens uit de studiegids van de TUD.

This table had been compiled with care from the TUD study guide

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